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Valentine v Friday 13th?!

For those that embrace Valentine we are offering free gift wrapping and for the superstitious 20% off on the fateful day(s)!

Love it or loathe it Valentine is nearly here, with shops kindly putting out their Valentine gifts before you could say, ‘Get those Chocolate Santas off the shelf’ back in December and we think that our Candles, Bags or our Limited Edition Accessories would make lovely presents!

A few years ago I tried to create a lovely Romantic Candle Scent for Valentine. It was a total washout with the testers and I’ve never really managed to find something specifically for Valentine; if you would like a giggle you can read about the disaster here…..

But we do have lots of properly lovely scents that would be suitable! The floral scents are starting to become popular now Christmas is over, including, English Rose, Sweet Pea, Honeysuckle & Jasmine, Lavender and Gardenia. All the candles are available in three sizes – the Large Glass Tumbler makes a great present in itself – especially gift wrapped while the smaller Travel Tin would be perfect with a pretty handmade fabric purse maybe with some chocolate hearts? Only one is made in each fabric, ie truly Limited Edition so why not take a look?

Limited Edition, handmade fabric purse - one of our lovely range by Handmade by Jane

Limited Edition, handmade fabric purse – one of our lovely range by Handmade by Jane

For the gift wrapping please use the code GiftPlease at the checkout and if you want to ‘drop a hint’ to someone else, why not make use of the ‘Send to a Friend’ link on each of our product pages?!

As for Friday 13th?! For the superstitious (and that is definitely me!) there are THREE Friday 13th this year. So on each of those Friday’s (February, March and November) we’ll be offering a 20% off flash sale just in case you have ‘one of those days.’ The code on the day will be FingersCrossed and we will be reminding people on Twitter and Facebook!

Meanwhile, whatever you are celebrating in the next few weeks – enjoy!

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