Valentine fun at Rosy Rosie

We had lots of Valentine Fun this year at Rosy Rosie. It started at Bubble London 2016 when we met the lovely people from Spun Candy, a British company who create traditional candy with natural ingredients (no added nasties) and we made our own candy heart!

Under the expert tutelage of the Spun Candy masters, I first selected my candy colours – white and red for Rosy Rosie natch – and then rolled and moulded the warm candy into a heart shape, inserted the stick and voila my own Valentine Candy Heart.

Rollingsugar cuttin the shape meandfinished product

Extremely easy and lots of fun, Spun Candy run lots of great classes that would make perfect birthday or corporate parties.

Here is the finished product….

finished product sugar

…sadly by dint of piling far too many exciting Bubble London brochures on top of the now cool candy, I managed to crack it but it still tasted DELICIOUS!

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