Rosy Rosie welcomes Fair Trade stars Lanka Kade

Rosy Rosie is delighted to welcome Fair Trade stars Lanka Kade and their fabulous wooden jigsaws – which include both Alphabet and Numeric jigsaws – and their beautiful, luxury, natural wooden toy sets such as Noah’s Ark and the Barn & Farm set.

Some *ahem* years ago, my husband and I honeymooned on Sri Lanka. We fell in love with the beautiful county – which is truly stunning – and it’s friendly, charming people who made us so very welcome.  So when I met the Lanka Kade team earlier this year, saw their fantastic jigsaws and toys and heard their story, I knew it was ‘meant to be!’

lanka kade alphabet jigsaw

One of Lanka Kade’s Alphabet Jigsaws – beautifully handcrafted – the range also includes Dogs and Dinosaurs!

Lanka Kade means ‘Sri Lankan Shop’ and the company was started as a small import business some 20 years ago by Diane and her husband Upul, a native Sri Lankan, as a way of maintaining links with their beloved Sri Lanka and providing employment for Upul when they moved to the UK.

Starting out was really tough and a very steep learning curve but being able to speak to the people in their own language meant they could discuss with them everything from supply, production, employment and pricing. Their own experience of Sri Lanka still gives them an essential insight and understanding of the culture as well as a love and respect for the it’s people.

This respect for the people means that they only buy from people who care about their workforce – properly care about their workforce! For as well as complying with the internationally accepted 10 Principles of Fair Trade, Lanka Kade has it’s own, enhanced,  fair trading principles which aims to give real opportunities to real people, “To enable their independence and give them the ability to provide for themselves and their families with pride.” You can read their full Fair Trade Policy here but the key elements are about respect, integrity, collaboration and fairness.

As well as providing sustainable employment for the Sri Lankan people the products themselves are made from rubber wood, sourced from exhausted plantations that are replanted and are PVC free. They are all beautifully handcrafted and hand painted – making them just gorgeous gifts that will give any child hours of fun!

Noahs Ark LKNOAHARK02 Barn and Farm set




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