Rosy Rosie profiled in out&about magazine

Taadah! We were so thrilled to be profiled in out&about magazine this month that we have to share it!

out&about magazine is the official magazine of Hounslow Chamber and is distributed to 10,000 homes and businesses across West London, including Osterley, Isleworth, Chiswick & Brentford.

So if you would like to know a little bit more about me, how I got started, my candles and other Rosy Rosie things then take a look and have a read!

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“Good Stuff with Good Stories” by Rowena Hughes Chiswick based retailer of gifts with a conscience.

“I started Rosy Rosie a few years ago driven by the seemingly constant need for gifts! I was always seemed to be on the look out for fun, good quality and cost effective presents for babies, children and their grown-ups that were just a ‘bit different.’

I was already making my own handmade scented soy wax candles – inspired by my own desire to have ‘Luxury Brand’ candles at err ‘Not Luxury Brand Prices.’ I chose soy wax because it holds scent well and is ‘healthier’ to burn. It is becoming increasingly popular as a candle wax because it made from soy beans which are a sustainable crop (no palm oil or other nasties) and the beans used to make the wax for my candles are non GM and not sprayed with pesticides or herbicides ie totally natural.

Also, I use good quality fragrance, formulated for use in soy wax so the candles have an excellent and consistent ‘scent throw’ whilst burning. In fact they subtly scent a room even when unlit – the ‘potpourri’ effect. Once the candle has finished burning, the containers – tins and glass tumblers – are easily washed with soap and water to be recycled or even reused.

Now, as well as selling via our website and being ‘regulars’ at local markets/events in West London, we also wholesale our candles to lovely independent British businesses. Indeed it was whilst I was attending local markets and popup events I started meeting lots of talented designer/makers. Many of them created beautiful and covetable things and wanted other sales outlets. I also started attending various trade fairs where I met vibrant British companies who were making ethical commitments within their businesses in terms of fair trade and use of sustainable materials.

The light bulb moment came when I realised that you can have fun, fabulous products that also have a decent ethical and sustainable provenance – maybe handmade, made from sustainable materials, made here in the UK or made within community/fair trade projects – and so the ‘Rosy Rosie’ criteria of ‘Good Stuff with Good stories’ was born.

Now our ranges include clothes, toys and accessories for babies, children and their grown-ups – everything from organic cotton Baby Rompers and Baby Blankets – to recycled plastic Seaplanes and Dump Trucks to Traditional Wooden Jigsaws and Toys, Craft Kits and Leather Accessories and Handbags for the grown-ups.

Five years on I am proud to have a thriving small business – and all my gift inspiration needs sorted!”







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