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Today, 6th October, is National Poetry Day – a chance to celebrate all things poem!

One of the joys about being a parent is rediscovering poetry with your growing children. Whether that is a nursery rhyme, or A A Milne, or silly limericks or indeed now, as my eldest is in senior school – the ‘classics’ – harrowing war poems, Keats or Coleridge. The latter I remember studying in school and it is a revelation to return to these works some *ahem* years later and find them not the drag I remember. Indeed, quite the opposite the analysis that was drummed into me at the time now has mellowed into appreciation, understanding and pleasure.

But at the other end of the spectrum and for a little bit of silliness here is one of my favourite poems. Well a poem called Rowena has to be in my Top Ten surely!  It is by the wonderful poet, performer and glasses wearer, John Hegley.

So here he is performing, ‘Rowena.’ Link to the Poetry Station – John Hegley performing ‘Rowena’


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