Meet oskar&ellen – brilliant fabric play bags and interactive books – new to Rosy Rosie

We are so delighted to be stocking the brilliant oskar&ellen and their range of soft fabric play bags and interactive books that encourage children’s imagination through role play.

Petra Jinglöv – the company’s Swedish founder and designer – got the idea to develop fabric toys since they often did long haul flights with the children but, “I couldn’t find any toys that were educational, soft, quiet (to avoid annoying other passengers) nor easy to carry with us.”

All oskar&ellen toys are handmade (hand sewn using sewing machines) by three manufacturers/sewing studios in Manila, Philippines. These sewing studios were chosen more than 12 years ago by Petra who lived in Manila for many years. Today they still work with the same studios. The continued orders placed by oskar & ellen provides job security and income stability for the artisan workers at the studios who are all paid a fair wage and work in a good environment and with friendly conditions.

oskar&ellen behind the brand

“We help our studios when they are having problems with cash-flow, or during events like storms, earthquakes and other disasters. It is not a set amount of money each year it varies depending on their needs. We also visit the studios every year. I lived in the Philippines for four years and gave birth to our son there, so the country and its people has a very special place in my heart. The Philippine people are warm, friendly and often smiling. I am certain this reflects in our products. They are made with heart, pride and skill!”

It is a fantastic range and we now stock the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship, the Aircraft Hangar, the Tea Set, Picnic Hamper, 1-2-3 Counting Book and the Family Tree wall hanging.

They make fantastic presents and come beautifully packaged, for all oskar&ellen toys come with their own reusable mesh bag with cute fabric edging.

oskar&ellen - the oh-so-cute tea set - complete with tea bags!

oskar&ellen – the oh-so-cute tea set – complete with tea bags!

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