January for SME’s – enthusiastic new start or a bit of a slog?!

January for a small business – the month of enthusiastic new starts or actually a bit of a slog?! Personally I can find it more of the latter and because it can all be a bit daunting – I  always need a plan!

As a small business, I look back at the previous year truly thankful that, thanks to our lovely customers and support from a wide range of people and other businesses, we had another successful year. But then with January there comes the slightly sinking feeling that you have to do it all over again, with fresh ideas, new thinking, and renewed vigour and energy. So suddenly there is an overwhelming amount to review, think about, plan and of course actually do!

I find it easier to try and focus on just a few things – just to get back into the swing of things. I refresh the home page of the website – the Twitter and Facebook headers to get me in the mind zone of ‘new.’


Then turn my attention to anaylsing stock – what sold and just as important – what did not! This is particularly important as January is also the month of Trade Fairs and buying and there will be more on that over the coming weeks!

Then I find my ‘Year to View Calendar’ – which I always buy in September – and start blocking out the year – first the children’s school holidays (!), then the Fairs/Popup events, then other key dates such as Valentine, Mothers Day, Easter and so on – as this is going to provide my ‘structure’ for marketing activity during the year.

By the time I’ve done that I find ideas are starting to buzz and I start to keep a notebook both on my desk and on the kitchen table to note down everything that pops into my head!

The challenge, as always, is going to be can I get everything done…..!

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