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We are always delighted when happy customers let us know that a Rosy Rosie product has been a Big Success. But we were particularly thrilled when our very own Amy of the Velvet Mutineer sent in pictures of her four (and a half) year old niece, Alba, making “Steggie” the Stegosaurus felt toy, one of our Make & Do Kits from Buttonbag! We thought that we would share them with you – just to show that they really are that easy peasy……

Starting to stitch Steggie. The holes are pre cut so it is a bit like ‘threading’ which is a familiar skill for many pre-schoolers.









Next, before you finish all the stitching, time to stuff Steggie! You see the calico bag on the table? This is what Steggie comes in: not only does it contain everything you need, plus full instructions, it becomes a carry bag for the finished toy.










After stuffing, finish the stitching so the main body is complete and put on the eyes…







All coming together now as on go Steggies scales. Love the look of serene concentration on Alba’s face!











Ta dah! Here is Steggie all finished and rahhhhing to get on with his day. Well done Alba!









Thank you to Amy & Alba for sharing. If you want to make your own Steggie – or elephants, mice, bunnies, jewellery or even Christmas decorations then have a look at the whole range. Every box comes with everything you need including full instructions and guidance to age suitability.

Happy making!

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