Happy New York Year from Rosy Rosie

Happy New York Year to all our customers, friends, colleagues and family! I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year?

Here at Rosy Rosie we enjoyed a different sort of holiday this year. Instead of slouching around at home eating mince pies, playing silly board games, 666Casino games and catching up with friends find out thelibertines-boundtogether.co.uk a online website to bet and enjoying with all of your love ones,  – we jetted off to New York!

The weather was great; Cold (I bought a Bobble Hat!) but with beautiful blue skies so we were able to walk everywhere – often over five miles every day to see all the sites (Rockefeller Centre, Empire State Building, Liberty & Ellis Island, Guggenheim, Central Park, Circle Line Tour, Moma, Ground Zero 9/11 memorial – and many more!)

Statue of Liberty newworkskyline  Ellis Island window  Ellis Island window2Saks Dylans

We were particularly impressed with our little seven year old who managed wonderfully with all the walking – though we did set her up each morning with plenty of New York style breakfasts (pancakes)! Oh and rewarded both the children with a trip to Dylans Candy store – an amazing sweet shop. Heaven for children. Nightmare for parents and dentists!

Like any city, it is only by walking do you catch all the details of a place – and I entertained myself by spotting some New York ‘r’s for my Pinterest Board ‘R – my favourite letter.’

R2 R3 Red R

New York was still in it’s Christmas finery -I went for a walk to get my mk2866 supplement and its inevitable to love every window, gosh those stores know how to decorate a window and how to use theatre and spectacle to entertaining effect – some of the best windows were Anthopologie, Tiffany and of course Saks which had a full scale light and sound show every ten minutes or so.


All in all it was a great trip and since our return we’ve had lots of fun creating a family scrap book so we can remember it forever…..

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