Why I make my own quality scented soy wax candles – Rosy Rosie

I’ve always loved candles and in the past I have spent a small fortune buying them – trying to find those that didn’t smell ‘sickly’ or unpleasant after five minutes and often becoming frustrated at the amount of sooting or wax that burnt a ‘mine shaft’ – known as tunneling – down the middle.

Eventually, I decided that I would make my own candles and create a reasonably priced range that would suit every mood, every season and every room in any home. I also wanted a gorgeous scent that kept on ‘throwing’ to very last drop of wax and since I have children, I needed the candles to be organic and ‘healthy!’

So I started looking at soy wax. Soy wax is becoming increasingly popular as a candle wax but the beans used to make the wax for my candles are sustainable, non GM and have not been sprayed with pesticides or herbicides and are thus totally natural.

Next, I looked out really good quality perfumes, suited for soy wax, which means all the candles have an excellent and consistent ‘scent throw’ whilst burning and often will subtly scent a room even when unlit.

Lilac scented soy wax candle in three different sizes

The range comes in three standard sizes – ‘Travel tins’ which are self contained tins with lids (70g) ‘Small glass tumbler’ (70g) and ‘Large glass tumbler’ (200g) The two tumblers are packaged in boxes. Occasionally, I source other containers for a limited edition run – vintage tea cups or mugs or pretty glass containers – anything that can take the heat of the melted wax.

The number of scents (currently 29!) grew organically as I tried and tested both the scent and the pungency. There were some discards – the coffee smelt burnt – but most I kept as I always could think of someone amongst my friends and family for whom it would be perfect.

On the stall most people stop to have a smell and end up by testing them all – before buying!


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