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Grapefruit and Mangosteen is one of the most popular scents in the Rosy Rosie range of handmade soy wax candles but mangosteen is not common and I am often asked, “What is it?!” So here is my handy explanatory guide – and a link to my Grapefruit and Mangosteen Pinterest Board for further images!

All of the scents in the Rosy Rosie candle range come in three sizes.

All of the scents in the Rosy Rosie candle range come in three sizes.

Grapefruit – Well perhaps no explanation is necessary for Grapefuit! Most are fairly familiar with these subtropical citrus fruits – though you may not know that these are the only citrus fruits that didn’t come from the Old World like lemons and oranges – but are probably a natural hybrid between a pomelo and orange and first bred in Barbados in the 18th-century.¬† The essential oils extracted from the peel lends a lovely zesty and fresh start to any scent.

Mangosteen – No, not a Mango but a tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia.

Here is the Purple Mangosteen with it's white segmented flesh

Here is the Purple Mangosteen with it’s white segmented flesh

The edible part is the white flesh inside which is segmented like a citrus fruit and with seeds that should be discarded.

It’s valued for its relatively mild but fruity, sweet but just-a-little-bit-tangy¬† flavour and is supposed to have plenty of antioxidents.

It is generally eaten fresh, though increasingly in America you can buy it canned or frozen or even as a drink.

Grapefruit & Mangosteen – combined!

What’s lovely about the two in combination, is that you get the tangy, citrusy grapefruit with a hint of sweetness (some say like a hint of peach.) The sharp grapefruit hits first but then once the wax starts to melt the warmer and sweeter mangosteen starts to come through – so overall it is a lovely, fresh balance – universally popular as it works in every season!

If you would like to try the candle yourself then you can either visit us at an Event (details here) or buy from the Rosy Rosie website!


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