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The thing about being an SME * is that there is precious little delegation or outsourcing due to a very flat organisational structure and constricted pecuniary resources. ie few people and not a lot of money.

And so it is I find myself playing Chairman, CEO, COO, CFO And heading up all the departments – finance, corporate communications, creative, human resources, logistics, purchasing, new business, digital media, strategy, planning, sourcing and manufacturing (candles) et al….

Whilst it makes life hectic and the ‘to do list’ literally endless (I now have a ‘list of lists’ to manage the different ‘to do’ lists) I am at least master of my own destiny which is extremely satisfying.

At the other end of the scale, I frustratingly spend an inordinate amount of time trying to learn new skills that I know teenagers would be able to master intuitively in seconds – like Social Media. And Photoshop.

Hmm Photoshop. It’s a great resource when you are trying to make your product photographs look good but it is like trying to communicate with an alien with only a few words of their language. Raterize. Pixel Apect Ratio. Creating a RAID array. These were the results of my attempt to use the ‘HELP’ button today. And no. They were of no help.

But I ploughed on and thanks to some helpful hints from our friends at Love Give Ink I finally managed to create my first photograph with text on.

Look a photo with text on it!

Look a photo with text on it!

No, it’s not going to change the world and it might not look much to you – but for me, it represents the first step in learning yet another new skill that will help me help myself!

Oh here it is….

PS * SME – Small & Medium Enterprise – not a 24th century starship!

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