Creating a gorgeous scented candle for Valentines Day…or perhaps not? By Rosy Rosie

A few weeks ago I tried to create a lovely scented candle for Valentine’s Day – a perfect gift for a loved one.  So, I took two classic Valentine celebration elements – chocolate and champagne – to create a gorgeous ‘Champagne Truffle.’

Ok I must admit to having a few reservations about the scent (in our house only my eldest daughter ‘quite’ liked it which was a tell in itself) but bravely sent it out to my volunteer testing panel for a ‘blind burn test.’

They were asked to smell the candle first and note down their thoughts and then burn it to see if the burn smell was the same as the initial scent. This is hugely important, as actually I want the two to be the same. People buying a scent will judge it on their First Impression Sniff (FIS) and the scent throw in burn needs to be pretty darn close to this initial smell.

The burn test was actually about 70% ish in terms of people liking it – which is fine as no one is going to like every scent I produce. In fact, the burn scent throw was described as having a ‘nice soft easy smell – if a bit sweet’ and ’mellow and fruity.’

But the biggest problem was the FIS, which was both too overpowering (though you can always reduce the wax/perfume ratio) – and that more than 80% just didn’t like it – one tester even used the word ‘rancid!’

No one is going to buy a candle that doesn’t pass the FIS and I suspect there is unlikely to be much of a Valentine market for ‘Eau de Rancid.’ Hey ho.

But I’m an optimist and so undefeated I have now taken the two elements – chocolate and champagne – separated them and mixed each with other ‘mystery’ scents to create two new Valentine specials…..or maybe they are going to be more ‘Your Dumped’ specials?

To Be Continued!


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